The Tattoo Process

Getting a tattoo is not a scary process as long as you know what to expect. Once you have decided to get a tattoo, the next step is choosing which tattoo studio you will go to.

Once you have picked your tattoo studio, it is good to talk over the tattoo design you have in mind with your tattoo artist. If you don’t have a final idea of what your tattoo design will look like, your tattoo artist will be able to come up with ideas to match the tattoo design you would like. Your tattoo artist will also be able to give you some good recommendations about the tattoo design such as what colors may look good with your skin tone, shading effects, and overall tattoo design.

After the tattoo design is finalized, your tattoo artist will prepare the area where you want you tattoo design. The tattoo artist will clean the area with rubbing alcohol and then shave the area to make sure there are no hairs which will get in the way while they are tattooing. Once the area is cleaned, your tattoo artist will create a stencil of the tattoo design or proceed to freehand the design onto your skin. Stencils are usually on thermal paper where the tattoo design is transferred to your body. Once the paper with the tattoo design stencil is lifted off your skin, an outline is left of where the tattoo design will be.

The next steps are for the tattoo artist to prepare all their materials which will be utilized in your tattoo design. The tattoo artist will prepare any color inks to be used in your tattoo design and place them in ink caps and sterile needles will be placed into the tattooing machine. Once your tattoo artist has prepared all the inks and tattoo machine for your tattoo they will apply ointment to the skin to help with the tattoo design process and to make it more comfortable. Then the tattooing process begins!

Your tattoo artist will first start out with the lines of the tattoo from the tattoo stencil. After the linework is tattooed, your tattoo artist will start to color and shade your tattoo design to give it the detail in the design. The total time for getting a tattoo will be dependent on the size and intricacies of the tattoo design. Sometimes with large designs, multiple sittings at the tattoo shop are required. Once the tattoo process is completed, your tattoo artist will clean the tattoo, apply ointment to protect the tattoo design and a bandage can be placed over the tattoo to protect it. Alternatively, it is often better to allow 5 minutes for the skin to weep off after the tattoo is completed, pat it dry then apply some aftercare cream without bandaging the area at all.

After getting a tattoo, it is important to care for it. Your tattoo artist will give you instructions on how you should take care of your tattoo to protect the design and to make sure you don’t get an infection. There will be an urge to itch the tattooed area as it heals. Do not scratch your new tattoo design, but around it or apply some lotion. If you have any questions after you get your tattoo, your tattoo artist will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Once you know what to expect, getting a tattoo is not such a scary process. It may also help to get to know your tattoo artist as they will make you feel comfortable about the entire tattoo process.