Importance Of Tattoo Studio Hygiene

While getting a tattoo may be slightly uncomfortable, it is a safe practice. However, there are a few risks when getting a tattoo. Hygiene is a critical factor in making sure that you avoid these problems when getting a tattoo. When selecting a tattoo studio, it is important to make sure that tattoo studio follows strict standards to maintain hygiene.

Tattoo studios should ensure safe practices to remain high standards of hygiene. When you have decided where you want your tattoo design, your tattoo artist will clean and shave that area. The razor in which the tattoo artist uses should be thrown away and not used again. Additionally, all tattoo artists should wear gloves while tattooing. This is due to the fact that there will be some bleeding during the tattoo process. The wearing of gloves during the tattooing process is a good practice for safety for the client and tattoo artist. Professional tattoo artists will use disposable needles to reduce the spread of disease. Your tattoo artist should also dispose any additional ink not used on the specific client and not put it back into the tube. It is always a good idea to find out what type of hygiene standard a specific tattoo studio uses. You want to ensure that the tattoo studio where you decide to get your tattoo design practices the highest level of hygiene.

Getting tattoos done by someone else other than a professional tattoo artist is not advisable and can be an unsafe practice. It is very important to have a tattoo done in a professional tattoo studio where there are sterile conditions, materials, and professional tattoo artists who practice safe tattooing methods. Often younger people will attempt to get a tattoo from someone other than a professional tattoo artist because they are not old enough to get a tattoo. This is a dangerous practice with can lead to infection from the tattoo not being done in a sterile tattoo studio with proper equipment. Sometimes people try to get a tattoo from someone to get a budget tattoo price. Having a tattoo from someone other than a professional tattoo artist could lead to infection or even blood poisoning.

At Zealand Tattoo, all tattoo artists maintain the highest standards of hygiene and use the most advanced facilities available to sterilise equipment and preserve a pristine working environment.

Using firstly a chemical process, followed by an ultrasonic cleaner, Zealand Tattoo meets the equivalent of hospital sterility standards. Zealand Tattoos chosen mode of sterilisation employs both vacuum and steam sterilisation techniques using equipment that is exclusive to the Zealand Tattoo studio.

All tools, needles, and accessories are kept in sterilisation pouches and opened in front of each customer. After use needles are disposed of in a sharps bin, as is standard protocol in the medical industry.

Make sure you get your tattoo from a professional tattoo artist in a sterile and safe environment.