About Zealand Tattoo

Zealand Tattoo is a New Zealand Tattoo Studio, Specialising in Maori Tattoo, Samoan Tattoo, Custom Oriental Tattoo, Tongan Tattoo, Ornamental Tattoo link text to the matching tattoo styles. Using the more timeless design art forms that have proven themselves to have withstood the test of time and will not rapidly date, like many other Tattoo Art ‘fads’ and trends have done.

Our Background

Established in 1995 by prodigy tattoo artist, Zane Swanston. Zealand Tattoo specializes in Maori Tattoo Designs and Samoan Tattoos – among all other tattoo art genres.

Our Philosophy

We are intent on claiming the highest quality of tattoo art combined with service excellence that provides you with an enjoyable and memorable tattoo application experience.

This philosophy of excellence permeates every area of our tattoo business, from our website, enquiry service, staff presentation/training, in-studio technology, hygiene standards – to your overall experience while visiting us and spending time in one of our tattoo chairs.

Vision Statement

Zealand is committed to its business vision of: ‘Delivering Cutting Edge Artwork to the Tattoo Discerning Enthusiast’.

Customer Care Standards

Zealand Tattoo religiously practices its “Blue Chip Customer Care” program with every individual who elects to be tattooed or purchase Tattoo designs from our Studios.

Both our Artists and Team of Staff are fully trained to ‘go the extra mile” and put the Customer FIRST in every aspect of the Tattoo Consultation, Tattoo design, Tattoo application and After care processes.

Our levels of hygiene are nothing short of impeccable and are upheld to the internationally approved European Sterility Standard and all of our Tattoo workmanship carries a 2-year Guarantee without any exceptions.


Zealand Tattoo is a highly focused organisation that looks beyond the day to day norms within the tattoo art environment to predict future tattoo design/skin art trends in order to continually be operating within the zone of tattoo design ‘fashion’ permanency.

This type of approach is of critical importance as when an individual embarks upon permanently marking their skin – they do not want to end up with a tattoo art style that rapidly becomes outdated and outmoded, which invariably leads to regretful, complex and expensive cover up work.

Our passion lies in the creation of ‘Body Suit” concepts that are likened to a full artistic ‘scene’ as opposed to ‘Popeye’ Tattoos or singular images often ‘stamped’ onto the skin at different times in a somewhat ad hoc manner without any real Art concept interlinking or common thread.

Tattoos are addictive and with this in mind, one should always be thinking of how they could add on to or build around a certain selected tattoo designs in the future.

This one of the fundamental reasons why Zane and therefore, in turn, Zealand Tattoo has an absolute passion for Asian (Oriental) Tattoo design and in particular Japanese Tattoo Art. This type of tattoo design/Skin Art has been in existence for some 6000 years now and has consistently remained the same over the period!

For example, a Japanese Tattoo from 100 years ago is still an excellent art piece today, whereas a century old European Tattoo is likely to be an isolated, antiquated looking thickly lined picture of, say, a Sailing Ship, a species of bird (i.e. eagle) or perhaps a love-heart with someone’s name inserted in or around it.

Oriental tattoo art is free-flowing and forms to the body shape and can be added to by expanding upon the same or related subject matter.

Individual European Tattoos ‘stamped’ onto the body often lack any clear interlinkage in flow, meaning or tattoo design – and the result could be looked upon as a ‘patchwork’ quilt of disjointed tattoo art ideas.

With this in mind, we are committed to taking our clients and prospective clients through cohesive tattoo education and tattoo consultative process to ensure they are well informed and can make enlightened decisions when selecting tattoo art works with which to permanently brand themselves.

We committed to assisting our clients in the selection of an outstanding art piece that is steeped in personal significance, that carries real WOW factor so that they leave the Zealand Tattoo ‘experience’ absolutely ecstatic about the end tattoo design that they carry on their bodies forever!!

Zealand Tattoo