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Zane Swanston – Owner of Zealand Tattoo

Location: Zealand Tattoo Christchurch

zane swanston

Zane Swanston has excelled in Art all of his life in numerous types & forms including Pencil Sketching, Water Colours, Oil Painting, Glass Paintings, Murals, Clayworks, Air Brushing and Sculpturing.

Throughout his school years, he won many Art competitions and developed a strong interest in Tattoo Art from the age of 16 years. So commenced his self taught education in the Skin Art Industry. He quickly displayed above average ability in this field and was mentored by one of Christchurch’s leading Tattoo artists, Leonard Brown (an apprentice of Steve Johnston).

For Zane – Art is quite literally in his bloodlines as he comes from a long heritage of budding Artists. His grandmother (on his mother’s side) was an exhibiting Oil Painting Artist, his mother excelled in craft arts, both his father and uncle displayed excellent Artistic abilities and his sister successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts and majored in Print Making.

He opened his first Studio at the age of 21 and has progressed through a total of four tattoo studios to date. He has over 22 years experience in niche, timeless tattoo design/Skin Art genres and has personally trained a number of apprentice tattoo artists over the period. Zane has grown to become one of the most sought after specialised tattoo artists in New Zealand at the present time who possesses both an extremely keen artistic ‘eye’ for detail, together with a real and tangible Art “X Factor”.