There are many sports athletes with tattoos. Zane Swanston; business owner of Zealand Tattoo, has tattooed a number of New Zealand athletes including The Black Caps Captain; Brendon McCullum and Owen Franks; former All Blacks and Crusaders prop. Have you ever wondered how to show peace, love or passion within a tattoo?  Here at Zealand […]

A History of Japanese Tattooing The earliest evidence of tattooing in Japan was found in the form of clay figurines that either had their faces painted or even engraved to represent tattoo marks. The oldest figures or figurines of this kind were recovered from tombs dated 5,000BC or older. However, tattooing for spiritual or decorative […]

Gary (Gazza) McCormick the More FM presenter and famous New Zealander was tattooed by us this morning! See full Gallery below Even though Gary’s lovely wife was not as keen on the idea of him getting a tattoo at the age of 62 he went ahead with it anyway and chose an anchor design to […]

Jason came into Zealand Tattoo at the beginning of the month to receive a Maori tattoo from our very talented Maori and Polynesian artist, Mana! Originally from the US, Jason works for Microsoft, all the way over in Asia, and came to Christchurch to work with a Microsoft customer’s Steering Board. Mana set to work […]

Mattel have recently launched a tattooed Barbie doll with a flower tattoo on her chest and a tiger on her back! Maybe the ‘Tokidoki’ Barbie is a reflection of our social shift in perceptions and attitudes toward having tattoos. Recent statistics show that one in four Americans aged between 18 and 50 years-of-age have tattoos […]

   Thomas and Kristian were only in Christchurch for ONE DAY and Mana worked on these two awesome pieces from 9 am until 2 am! After 17 hours in the studio, Thomas and Kristian flew back home to Norway at 7 am that morning!

Once again the famous sphynx cat has been tattooed in Russia. A Russian tattoo artist has given his pet cat a tattoo identical to the one inked on his own chest. Timur Rimut, the tattoo artist,  also has a tattoo of his cat on his forearm. The naturally hairless sphynx cat’s tattoo reads  “Carpe Diem”, which of course, is Latin for […]

Instead of just getting your average run-of-the-mill New Zealand silver fern, we have had some really amazing and unique Maori fern designs happening in the studio. Each design is of course, totally original and tailored to their owner. Why not get a fern that nobody else will ever have but you!      

Everybody knows it, Maori tattoo art has been steadily rising in popularity as a tasteful, beautiful and timeless style. And that’s not just in New Zealand, but everywhere. It’s becoming more and more recognisable and has earned itself a place of status in the world of upmarket tattooing. If you wanna get one, get it done […]