Ornamental Tattoo Design

Ornamental Art has it’s origins in the Roman Empire and consisted of decorative patterned Art motiffs that can be found in a vast number of different areas.

These areas can be anything from stylised wreath and symmetrical floral or leaf patterns at the top of Roman Colosseum pillars to Michael Angelo’s artworks at the Sistine Chapel. Ornamental art can be found within many building embellishments, carpet, wallpaper, furniture and decorative Art panels.

It extends into numerous sub categories such as Art Noveaux, Victorian Ornamental Art, Spertus Ornamental, Vectorized Art, Art Deco, Greek Ornamental, Gothic Religious Art, Crest Art (Coat of Arms) and so on.

Ornamental Art is timeless in essence and can incorporate singular Art images amongst intricate free flowing tattoo design patterns.

A popular sub category with close links to Ornamental Art is Gothic Religious Art.

Gothic Art was a Medieval Art movement that emerged in France in the mid 12th Century, based on Romanesque Art.

Gothic Art originally took form in monumental sculpture, panel painting, stained glass, fresco and illuminated manuscript.

A large proportion of the Gothic Art over the Centuries following the Medieval period was Religious and often depicted Biblical scenes and characters, within European churches from the 12th Century onward.

These devotional images most often depicted Christ, the Virgin Mary, the Saints and notable Bible scenes such as The Last Supper and Christ’s Crucifixion.

Modern Gothic Religious Art can be seen in the Latino influenced ‘L.A. Gangster’ style Tattoo Art where images of Christ, the Virgin Mary, Angels & Demons are common place.

Given these points and the fact that Ornamental Art has stood the test of time for more than 2000 years, Zealand has chosen to specialise and excel in this style of Tattoo Art form. It can provide a background or embellishment to any type of selected image (i.e. a skull picture, crest art, photo realism image, etc.) and whilst it is suited to both genders, it can be used in a particularly form fitting and feminine manner for females.

Ornamental style can be incorporated into all types of Tattoo design (from tattooed words/lettering to Angels, lions or reeds & plants) and is the best European Art form that has stood through the Renaissance, PreRaphaelite, Berosque and Grotesque periods – amongst others.


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