Why Should You Get A Maori Tattoo In New Zealand?

There are many reasons to get a tattoo in New Zealand, not only are the tattoos unique and extremely original but they also carry with them a lot of tradition.

New Zealand is home to the Maori people who were a formerly nomadic ethnic group from Polynesia who then migrated to New Zealand centuries ago. The Maori created a unique process of tattooing known as “ta moko”. They perfected the art, bringing it with them from Polynesia to New Zealand. It has grown in popularity over the last few years, not only among the Maori descendants, but also among other New Zealander’s and people throughout the world.

New Zealand Tattooing of Maori Designs Is Symbolic

Due to the growing popularity of Maori tattoos, especially in its native country, New Zealand now has many tattoo parlours and studios which specialise not only in the general art of tattooing, but in the more complicated form of Maori tattoo design. Maori tattoos are not simply symbols tattooed onto skin, they are a kind of coded message that tells the story of the person who has the tattoo.

A typical Maori tattoo design is very complex, so it appeals to a large group of individuals. It is composed of variations of lines – both thick and thin, spirals and waves, as well as other minute designs interlaced with the general outline. Since it is tribal in nature, it is suited for any area of the body. The intricate appearance of the Maori tattoo also increases its impact. It’s hard to go wrong when choosing a Maori-design tattoo, especially as one of the main bonuses of Maori tattooing is that it compliments the figure.

New Zealand Tattooing of Maori Designs Is Diverse

You can generally get two kinds of Maori tattoos in New Zealand: the traditional method and the modern adaptation. The traditional process of getting a Maori tattoo is done by a tohunga moko, or moko specialist. It uses the original bone chisels and organic inks that the ancient Maori employed for their tattoos. It was a highly painful process which leaves grooves in the skin, making the end result very unique.

The modern process of Maori tattooing is no different from getting any other tattoo. Electronic tattoo needles are used, as well as modern indelible inks. It won’t hurt as much as the traditional method, but it will not leave grooves and indentations on the skin. There are many artists in New Zealand who will cater to your preferences.

New Zealand Tattooing of Maori Designs Is Original

The reason for the popularity of the Maori tattoo design is partly due to its strong originality, as well as its cultural value. The Maori people have strong ties to their body art, and it is symbolised a transition from youth to adulthood, along with the concepts of strength and beauty.

It is also popular due to the fact that it generally strikes curious and admiring reactions from people who see the tattoos. It also announces one’s identity as well as their patriotism particularly if one is a local or a descendant of locals.

A deeper reason for the popularity of the Maori tattoo, especially among the Maori descendants, is because of the fact that it connects them more deeply to their origins, while the practice preserves the meaning and value of the tattoos in the present day.

New Zealand Maori Tattoos Are The Best

Being the place of origin of the Maori tattoo, what better place to get it than in New Zealand? Of course, Maori tattoos are not the only tattoos done in New Zealand. Tattoos and body art in general are very popular here, and since New Zealanders have been perfecting tattoo art for a very long time, you can be assured that it will have the stamp of quality on it.

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