How To Decide If You Should Get A Tattoo ?

Getting a tattoo isn’t a complicated process, although you do usually think about it well before you rush to get one. Remember, once you get a tattoo it is permanent, and you don’t want to regret having something you don’t really like, on your skin forever. Here are some tips to help you decide if you should get a tattoo:

Know What You Want

Knowing what you really want to get inked is very important, because something that may appeal to you at first glance may be something you’ll grow tired of later on. You may find that a really cool design today that will be nothing but a fad tomorrow.

To prevent this from happening, you might want to consider getting a tattoo that not only looks good, but carries some special significance for you. Choosing tattoos that have special meanings only strengthen their presence and purpose.

Planning where you want it will help to ensure that you will have a tattoo that is best suited for that certain part of your body. It might help to show it off or on the contrary, you may also want to hide it. Whichever appeals to you, knowing where you want to have your tattoo done also lessens the risk of regretting it later.

Knowing where you want your tattoo to be done and who does it is just as important as choosing what kind of tattoo you want and where you want it. Factors like price, hygiene and sanitation, quality of work, and the popularity of the tattoo studio and tattoo artist should help you decide. Zealand Tattoo has a excellent reputation and many testimonials from delighted customers.

Factors To Consider

– Price
If you go into a tattoo shop that charges too much for what could otherwise be a very affordable tattoo, you might be better off finding another shop; unless you have money to spend, and you don’t mind spending it. However, you do not want to be paying next to nothing and receiving a seriously sub-standard tattoo.

– Hygiene and Sanitation
A more important factor would be the hygiene and sanitation of the shop. Since tattoos are performed by inserting needles into the skin to apply the design, it might carry the risks of contamination. Diseases may be spread from an infected person to a healthy one if proper sanitation is not practiced in a tattoo shop.

You need to be sure that they use only disposable needles, and that their tools, as well as their workplace are properly sterilised in order to avoid the risk of infection and contamination. You also need to be certain that the ink that the tattooist is using is hypoallergenic, especially if you have sensitive skin.

– Quality and Excellence
Most of the time, popularity and quality walk hand-in-hand. If the shop is popular, it must be due to the excellent quality of work and outstanding service. If you want someone to complete a tattoo for you, make sure you only get the best.

– Professional Tattoo Artists
Having an exceptional tattoo artist design or execute your tattoo for you will make sure that you receive quality workmanship which will be both a pleasure and an asset to you. Never trust messy and inexperienced artists to do your tattoos. Zealand Tattoo has high-standards and artists that will ensure your utmost satisfaction and safety.

– Plan Ahead

Deciding when to get your tattoo is essential if you want the end-result to be good. If you plan on getting a tattoo before going to the beach the next day, it might not be a good idea. Always give your tattoos time to heal.

Getting your tattoos in winter will ensure good healing, since it will not be exposed to heat, wind, and dust – which might delay the healing process. Not exposing a new tattoo to the elements will also ensure that its design won’t be ruined.

You should not get a tattoo when you have alcohol in your system, since alcohol commonly makes you bleed more. Bleeding might interfere with the end-result of your tattoo. Aside from that, it’s simply rude to go into a tattoo shop slightly disoriented and dazed. Remember to be courteous to the artist. Don’t boss them around and be polite. The artist is after all responsible for the look of your tattoo. Knowing that, you wouldn’t want to piss him off now, would you?

It is also important to set a schedule. You just can’t go into a tattoo shop full of people and demand you get yours done as soon as possible. If you don’t like waiting in line, (and who does?) setting a schedule will allow the artists to give you the best service they can. If you don’t rush things, you’ll have better quality craftsmanship.

– Think about the pain

Be prepared for pain. Getting a tattoo will hurt, but since people have different thresholds for pain, it generally varies. The pain really isn’t so bad. But if you find sitting for an hour or so in a chair with a tattoo machine buzzing in your ears uncomfortable, you might want to re-think getting one.

– Take care

Lastly, caring for your tattoo after it’s done is a very important factor in making sure it doesn’t get ruined. Invest in some tattoo cream to quicken the healing during flaking periods. More importantly: never pick, scratch, or rub your tattoo vigorously. When you get your tattoo done by Zealand Tattoo, you get great information to make you more comfortable and to really look after your tattoo.

These tips, along with some common sense, are just some ways to decide on what you should do if ever you want to get a tattoo.