Linzi’s Oriental Maori Crossover Tattoo Design

Following is the story of Linzi’s Oriental Maori Crossover Art piece. We believe and predict that an emerging future art style that will rapidly gain prominence is Oriental Maori crossover!!

Linzi (and her mother Carol) and had been looking at the Zealand Tattoo website for 2 years and finally decided to make email contact in order to have us design an Oriental piece built around her existing Maori Tattoo. Zane carried out an initial email consultation during which Linzi sent through this dragon image she had located on the net.

Zane designed this preparatory sketch based on Linzi’s art reference


This photo depicts the start of the Oriental Tattoo Design application where the sketch has been used as a basis to freehand on the Japanese dragon and the extensions to the korus, within the existing Ta Moko piece.


This next image shows where Linzi’s Oriental dragon design with surrounding Maori Tattoo design has been power-lined (outlined).


The inclusion of detail and shading brings us to the end result at this stage – however please note that this tattoo is not as yet finished and will require at least two more sittings.


This next photo simply gives another angle on the piece that shows more of the Oriental dragon’s body together as it weaves around the extended Maori koru’s and design sweeps.


This photo angle provides yet another view and reveals the Oriental  tattoo design that has flowed over to Linzi’s upper arm


This view shows the position of the Japanese dragon’s head that has flowed over to the upper arm.