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  • Unique Maori Fern - Instead of just getting your average run-of-the-mill New Zealand silver fern, we have had some really amazing and unique Maori fern designs happening in the studio. Each design is of course, totally original and tailored to their owner. Why not get a fern that nobody else will ever have but you!       [...]
  • Maori Tattoo in NZ and Internationally - Everybody knows it, Maori tattoo art has been steadily rising in popularity as a tasteful, beautiful and timeless style. And that’s not just in New Zealand, but everywhere. It’s becoming more and more recognisable and has earned itself a place of status in the world of upmarket tattooing. If you wanna get one, get it done […] [...]
  • Modern Maori Tattoo - Here at Zealand Tattoo, we are very EXCITED about people’s enthusiasm towards getting  traditional New Zealand Maori or Ta Moko tattoo’s, but with a modern twist! Sometimes it’s a splash of colour, maybe a dash of shading and or even a hint of culture! [...]
  • JB’s Maori Tattoo with Zane at Zealand Tattoo - At the end of June 2010, JB, a DJ/Remix Artist and Music Producer from the USA contacted us directly via e-mail. Having researched thoroughly into tattoo studios within New Zealand that specialise in Maori art, JB found our ‘You Tube’ video and was so impressed with the quality of our work and our studio standards that […] [...]
  • Maori Tattooing in New Zealand - Tattooing – more specifically Maori tattooing – was brought to New Zealand from Polynesia by the Maori tribes. Their distinct kind of tattoo known as “moko” which is a tattoo on the chin, has become quite popular in recent years. Some artists have also incorporated traditional Maori designs and concepts in their own New Zealand […] [...]