Tattoo Designs

There are many kinds of tattoo designs around today. They cater to many different tastes, and preferences. Making your own custom tattoo design is also possible. The varied choices available are living proof of the popularity of tattoos today. Here is a simple guide to tattoo designs:

Tattoo Designs According To Themes

Armband Tattoos
As the name implies, they are often tattooed around the arm. Most armband tattoo designs come in the form of thorns, interlacing knots and other images that are made to look like an intertwining bracelet or band.

Black Light Tattoos
This new type of tattoo is done by the use of ink that glows under a black light. This has become quite famous recently, although there are still uncertainties to its permanence on the tattoo scene.

Abstract Tattoos
These kinds of tattoos are mostly a return to earlier, simpler forms of tattooing. They are sometimes simply a pattern of shapes, or a collection of symbols. Sometimes, abstract tattoos can be described as textual tattoos. Textual tattoos use letters such as Chinese or Japanese symbols, or Old English lettering for their design.

Naturalistic Tattoos
Naturalistic tattoos often are highly detailed. It is comprised mostly of portraits and realistic artwork, focusing mainly on Native American subjects, natural subjects, or religious ones.

Dedication or Pledge Tattoos

These are very common designs, which often involve the use of images such as anchors, military insignia, and other symbols associated with nautical and military themes.

Simple Tattoos
Simple tattoos are really just that – simple stylised designs. There really is no limit when it comes to the design, and it can come in a myriad of sizes and colours. Most designs are often iconic characters, or simplified animal shapes. Zodiac symbols as well as mythological ones are also popular.

Complex Tattoos
As the name suggests, complex tattoos are composed of more intricate designs. Often a combination of many styles, complex tattoos can be compared to a collage pattern. Still, less random complex designs involve tattooing large areas of the body with a specific kind of design only. The most popular example of this would be Japanese Irezumi tattoos.

Tattoo Designs According To Origins

Tattoos come in a myriad of designs, and are often based from older, ethnic designs. Some tattoo designs correspond with a certain country, group, culture, or interest. A few examples of common tattoo designs are:

Tribal Tattoos
This kind of tattoo design encompasses a variety of styles. The most common tribal tattoo designs are often abstract, monochromatic patterns made up of thick curves or waves with pointed ends.

Celtic Tattoos
These kinds of tattoos originated with a tribe of warriors from an old area of France, called Gaul. Their intricate and interlocking designs, composed of symmetrical and interweaving knot-work are highly popular due to their structured pattern. More abstract Celtic designs often involve animal icons, still bearing the trademark woven or interlocking design, often accentuated with leaves, vines, or flowery designs.

Mayan Tattoos
The Mayans were an ancient culture who once occupied a large area of Mesoamerica. Their tattoo designs often incorporate minute and intricate detail and rich shading. Most of the subjects for Mayan tattoos are divine figures or symbols. The Mayan’s are a civilisation wrapped in mystery, which adds to the appeal of their tattoos.

Aztec Tattoos
The Aztecs are the indigenous people of Mexico. Their art-form is somewhat similar to the Mayan’s. Solid, thick lines, curves, as well as various degrees of shading give a really graphic feel to Aztec tattoos. Since the Aztecs often carved their symbols on stone, an Aztec-pattern tattoo might appear like a carved symbol on skin. Like the Mayans, the subjects chosen for Aztec tattoos are mostly divine figures.

Irezumi Tattoo
Irezumi is the classical Japanese type of tattooing. It is a highly detailed pattern that most commonly comes in color. The subjects are often found in nature, such as flowers, leaves, and waves. They are interwoven with figures such as fish, traditional Japanese characters like samurai warriors, dragons or demons.

The patterns created on both the figures, such as those in armor or fish scales, coupled with the pattern of the fillers, like leaves, waves, or flowers, create a highly intricate and eye-catching piece of art. Irezumi are often large. They sometimes take up the whole back-area, or chest area. Traditional Irezumi cover the arms, back, chest, and upper legs of the subject. Blue, green, and yellow are predominant colors in Irezumi.

Old School Tattoos
Old school tattoos are classic, colourful tattoos which incorporates simple designs. They are predominant in America. Most designs include stars, skulls, crosses, beautiful women, hearts, and knives. They are popular with bikers, gamblers, and grease-monkeys.

New School Tattoos
New School is a variance of Old School tattoos, which is more detailed and realistic than old school. Symbols, icons, and themes from pop culture are generally incorporated into New School. Oftentimes,  New School tattooing appears to be multi-cultural.

Gothic Tattoos
The Gothic subculture appeared in Europe during the late 20th century. Much of their art and symbolism often incorporate dark and grim motifs, as well as arcane and mysterious symbols. Gothic tattoo designs were created to cater to the symbolism that the Gothic subculture prefers. The designs often combine medieval imagery, magic symbols, and pagan motifs to create a highly detailed style.

Most Popular Designs
The most popular tattoo designs are tribal tattoos, old school patterned tattoos, Maori tattoos, Celtic knotwork, crosses, skulls, nautical symbols, and hearts. Chinese and Japanese characters are also popular designs.

More complicated tattoo designs that have proven to be highly popular are angel or cherub designs, wings, and dragons. Japanese body-suit tattoos, although expensive, is highly popular to western customers.

Tattoo Designs To Avoid

Genitalia and Pornographic Images
Getting these as tattoos is not a good idea. It will make you seem perverted, especially if the tattoos are very visible. And even if it were hidden, it is embarrassing to show such tattoos. It will only make people think you have bad taste.

Faces and Initials of Boyfriends or Girlfriends
Love does not last forever, but tattoos do. Almost. You don’t want to be carrying around permanent a reminder of a really bad relationship. And your new partner won’t like being reminded of it either. Think long and hard before getting tattoos such as these.

Company Brands and Logos
Our highly industrialised and commercialised culture is already full of advertisements as it is. You would not want to add more to it by being a walking billboard.

Poorly Drawn or Uninteresting Images
A shabby tattoo will only cause regret. Not only will people tease you for it, you’ll also regret wasting money in getting it. If you ever want a tattoo, make sure to have only the best, and make sure its something you’re sure you can live with for good.

Quality Tattoo Designs

Aesthetic Appeal
The design that you choose should be something that you like, and something that looks pleasing for both you and those who will see it. You should also ensure it looks good on you.

Sentimental Value
The design you choose should have some meaning to it, which gives it more value and purpose.

Audience Impact
Your tattoo should have the wow factor. This allows a wide range of people to appreciate your tattoo, which makes you enjoy having it more.

Zealand Tattoo has a wide range of selections available for you, it should not be so hard to find something that suits you just right. Choose you tattoo design well before getting inked – and enjoy!