Kelly’s Oriental Tattoo Design

Kelly was an existing Zealand Tattoo client who had a tattoo piece completed of a small dragon.

For her next tattoo design with Zealand Tattoo, Kelly decided to have tattoo design brainstorming session with head tattoo artist, Zane.  As a result of Kelly consulting with Zealand Tattoo – she was informed on the benefits of timeless art styles (such as Oriental Tattoo Art) and the Japanese tiger tattoo design was selected as the subject matter.


Photo # 1 Depicts the preliminary sketch of the Japanese Tiger tattoo design that Kelly wanted to have tattooed on her left side.


Photo # 2 Shows the final Tattoo piece that was entitled “Tattoo by Zane” and was one of five of Zane’s Tattoos which were photographed from the South Island New Zealand Tattoo Expo. All five tattoos were published and featured in the Australian Tattoo Magazine.


Photo # 3 shows the 2006 South Island New Zealand Tattoo Expo Award that tattoo artist, Zane won for ‘Best Female Side’ at the Christchurch Expo