JB’s Maori Tattoo with Zane at Zealand Tattoo

At the end of June 2010, JB, a DJ/Remix Artist and Music Producer from the USA contacted us directly via e-mail.

Having researched thoroughly into tattoo studios within New Zealand that specialise in Maori art, JB found our ‘You Tube’ videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7ob7cMCjp4 and was so impressed with the quality of our work and our studio standards that he decided to get in touch with us prior to his two week trip to New Zealand to pre-book an appointment.

JB had a great idea as to what he wanted the tattoo to look like artistically as well as what it represented. Below is some of the e-mail correspondence that JB sent to us outlining his thoughts and ideas through words and even craftily put-together images!…

“OK, so the placement will be on my left shoulder upper left arm with a few barely attached tribal pieces down to about my elbow as well on the upper left side of my back. I guess half sleeve with more on back is what you might call it. I have an existing tribal style piece in the centre of my back which I would like it to tie in with nicely. I am definitely looking for Maori or “Maori Style” as I don’t want to offend any locals. I am not looking for any font or writing rather a story in symbols of Maori influence and style.

As you can see I have outlined the areas I would like Zane to illustrate. Please forgive my rather crude photoshop work and nabbing the artwork from your website but I figured it would be the easiest way to convey what I am looking for. Also I grabbed images just based on what images I could easily plug in but the design work is also very similar to what I am looking for. I would like to mention how I particularly like the way that piece is laid upon  my left arm with just a bit of the art falling in front of  the elbow.”

Although I have a general idea of roughly size, placement, and meaning, exact details such as I would like your help and consult with selecting the the content of the design.

I am seeing that you can tie in larger themes within Maori work, like I saw a Makau hook in one so I will start thinking of any potential larger images Just as a small design tie I would like to integrate some audio waveforms like shown in the pictures to the left.
I just mocked this up for the sake of sending some more ideas your way.”

We spoke with JB via e-mail for a week, brainstorming design ideas, time needed to complete the work and prices, JB then payed a deposit via international bank transfer to secure his booking for the first week of July. And on the 5th and 6th of July, JB came all the way from the USA into our studio to have the work done! And it was awesome! On the 5th of July Zane spent roughly two hours free-handing the design on to JB’s skin, making as many changes an necessary to get it just perfect.

Zane then tattooed the outline of the enitre design and this is how it progressed….

It took Zane 2 half-day sittings to complete JB’s piece. He subtly incorporated the audio waveforms into the traditional Maori tattoo as JB had requested and it looked great. JB loved it and his girlfriend, Goldie, loved it so much too that she too had a large Maori-influenced piece done. Goldie had existing star tattoos on her hip and back, Zane connected these stars with a shaded Maori piece. Here are the finished products of 2 very hard-day’s work…