How to find the best Tattoo Studio in New Zealand?

Finding a good tattoo studio in New Zealand, or anywhere else for that matter, requires a bit of effort. It really doesn’t take much and the rewards for finding a good tattoo shop are well worth a few days of snooping around. Since it is essential that you only get the best tattoos at the best price, follow these suggestions that might help you find your own piece of tattoo heaven:

Finding The Best Tattoo Studio

– Ask Around

This is a main rule, especially if you’re new to the place. Find recommendations from friends, ask them where they got their tattoos. Ask the locals if they could suggest some places that you can check out later.

– Do Your Research

With the use of a computer, you really don’t have to spend a lot of time outside to look for good tattoo shops in New Zealand. Some of them have websites which usually contain all the info you need to know about the shop, the tattoos, and everything you might care to know.

Surfing the net allows you to save time, money, and is more convenient than walking or driving around from place to place. Some sites even leave their contact details, so you can give them a call or e-mail them if you any other concerns. Still, an online site can only have so much info, so, you should also…

– Check The Place Out

To see for yourself if they meet your standards, and if what they state on their site or if their general info is the real deal. While there, you can look around, ask questions, and gather general impressions of the place and its staff.

– Set An Appointment

If you like the place, and find their work to be exceptional, you can schedule an appointment. Setting an appointment ensures that you are given quality time for your money. It also allows the artist to focus all of his effort and concentration on making your tattoo look good.

If possible, set up an appointment to first discuss what design you’d like to have, where you’d like to have it, etc. Then set a final appointment for the tattooing itself. This will save you time, and will allow the artist to know what you really want and plan on the best course of action. This includes adjustments, custom designs, and other requests that you may have.

What Should the Best Tattoo Studio Have?

– Reputation

– Quality of Sanitation

Tattooing carries a risk of diseases and other nasty things infecting you, and you wouldn’t want to catch any of those. When getting a tattoo, you should be well informed of the steps the shop has taken to ensure your safety. For example, are their products well sterilised? Is the shop clean and tidy? Do they use disposable needles and tubes? Are the disinfectants they use tested and reliable? Do they have the proper tools needed to sterilize their instruments? Are the staff flawlessly clean? Is the procedure assuredly sterile? Is the process done in an orderly way?

These are just some of the questions that you need to clarify with the staff. Observe if they pass these standards, take note and ask questions regarding anything else needed to make sure of your safety.

– Quality of Product / Skill of Artist

The skill of the artist often decides the end result of the product. You must be certain that the artists employed at the tattoo shop are able to do their jobs well. Better yet, they must be able to exceed expectations. Artists usually have portfolios that you can scan while browsing the shop. Be sure to study their work well, and never get a tattoo from an artist whose work doesn’t appeal to you.

– Customer Friendliness

Being treated well is a factor that you should look out for if ever you decide to visit a studio or shop. A shop with friendly, warm, and hospitable staff often provide top-notch services.

Are the artists friendly? Are they easy to approach? Do they listen to suggestions? Are they courteous towards customers? These are some thing you need to keep in mind when looking for a good tattoo shop. An artist who is friendly and who is a good listener will more likely be able to give you better output, especially regarding custom-made designs.

The more friendly the staff are, the more comfortable you will be while you’re there.

Following these simple guidelines will guarantee that getting a tattoo in New Zealand or elsewhere will not only be a safe, but also an enjoyable experience!

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