“Daily Do” Promotion for Zealand Tattoo, October 2010

On Wednesday 13th October, Zealand Tattoo ran an awesome promotion through a great website www.dailydo.co.nz.

So, what was the deal? An unbelievable $25 for $150 worth of tattoo time!

We had 100 of these vouchers up for grabs and they sold out within 3.5 hours! We couldn’t have hoped for a better response to the promotion.

We are now performing tattoos for those 100 very lucky customers, one by one. Whether it be a small tattoo at a total cost of $150 (so only $25 for the customer), $150 towards a larger tattoo, or re-work of an existing tattoo, one thing’s for sure, it’s a real bargain!

* Remember that appointments must be secured by January 15th 2011 if you are using a “Daily Do” voucher, so get in touch soon! December is by far our busiest month and arranging bookings for a specific date and time within this month can be very tricky. So it’s worth considering using your voucher in the month of November in order to get a suitable appointment time for yourself… just call or e-mail us to arrange a booking!  

For those of you that missed out, keep an eye on the ‘Special Offers’ area of our website as every month we run a new promotion.

Please contact TJ on 03 962 6565 or zealandarts@clear.net.nz for details on a special ‘Christmas Gift’ promotion we ‘ll be running… you’ll love it!